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"Little Pink Riding Hood" Magic Cape

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This is just a gorgeous cape, made by Moi Mili which is a wonderful brand from Poland. 

Very very nice quality, heavy material like a real theater cape! Since it is made so well, it can be passed down from child to child and used for many different occasions: Halloween, everyday imagination play, and birthday parties (just to name a few).  

Here is a description from Moi Mili:  "There is no way of knowing who your little one becomes today and which fantastic adventures he or she will take part in. That is exactly why you should prepare in advance for the roles of king, queen, and dragon, and witch, and knight – to name just a few! Costumes are a must-have for theatre games, shows, costume balls, birthday parties, and numerous photo shoots. A cape is a must-have if you want to play a queen, a sorceress, a fairy, a warlock, or want to go for a masked ball or trick-or-treating on Halloween. Simply put, it is essential for so many roles! You just don’t want to take it off!".  


Brand photos: Moi Mili